Are you tyres legal?  For every illegal tyre you have on your vehicle you can received a minimum of 3 point on your driver’s licence.

The minimal tyre tread you can have legally on your vehicle is 1.6mm on private cars, light commercial and 1mm on all large commercial vehicles.

The most common types of tyres are all season, winter, summer, run flat and high performance.

In our workshops our team of highly experienced qualified technicians can carry out all sizes of wheel changes and punctures, we also have equipment that can remove broken locking wheel nut for your vehicle wheels.


  • All season tyres are constructed using a combination of summer and winter tyre technology. They provide an adequate performance in all seasonal conditions; however, they are not optimised for summer or winter in the same way as dedicated seasonal tyres.
  • Also known as standard tyres, summer tyres are designed to offer high levels of performance and are optimised to cope in temperatures above 7°c. They have a softer rubber compound to enhance stability and grip and they sport a tread pattern that provides resistance against aquaplaning.
  • Winter tyres have been designed with a large number of grooves and sipes to offer greater traction and grip on snowy, icy and wet surfaces. They are optimised to remain flexible when temperatures drop to provide safety.
  • Run flat tyres have been designed to protect your safety on the road if you suffer a puncture whilst driving. They have thicker, reinforced sidewalls than that of regular tyres and this enables them to be driven on for a short distance following a puncture.
  • High performance tyres are tyres that have been optimised to provide quick response, enhanced grip and the ability to cope with high speed. These tyres are created by premium manufacturers which have derived extensive research and technology from their time in the motorsport segment.

Wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle of the vehicle wheels.

Checking your wheel alignment on your car or van regularly can prolong the life of your tyres by up to 12,000 miles, increase fuel efficiency and fix steering issues.

Regular wheel alignment can reduce uneven tyre wear, improve vehicle handling and steering and save you money by lowering fuel consumption

There are 2 tyre of wheel alignment which are front wheel and 4 wheels. Front wheel alignment is normally carried out on cars and the 4-wheel alignment as suggested is for on 4-wheel drive vehicles.

We can offer all tyre services and 2-wheel alignment at all of our workshops, call and speak to one of our friendly workshop staff members for a free quote on your next set of tyres.


We offer a full range of recovery and workshop services to vehicle owners located throughout the Highlands. All our services are performed by highly qualified and skilled members of staff. We can handle anything from a motorcycle recovery to a light commercial engine change. What ever you drive our staff will strive to get you back on the roads and home safely.


  • How often should I service my car?

    All makes and models have different service intervals they are put in place of modern vehicles by the manufactures for mileage intervals and a service light will usually indicate when your vehicle requires attention. If you are unsure on this, please contact one of our workshops for further assistance.

  • What lubricant levels should I check and how often?

    Common levels for people to check at home are Oil, Windscreen wash and water. Your oil levels should be checked at least once a month and before long journeys, same is to be said for windscreen wash and water/coolant levels should be checked twice a year once before summer and before winter. If you need more help, please contact one of our workshops.

  • When should I check my tyre pressures?

    It is recommended that you should check your tyre pressures once every couple of weeks because tyres can quickly become deflated if they are not checked regularly, and this can result in excessive or uneven wearing on the tyre tread, this can also affect vehicle road handling and fuel consumption. Our workshop staff are always on hand to help of you are unsure on what and how to do this.

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