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Is it a question that everyone I am sure has heard but not always fully understood, has your timing belt been changed?

Your timing belt is one of the most crucial parts of your engine, ensuring that your crank and camshaft turn in unison, allowing air and fuel in and expelling exhaust gases at exactly the right times. If the belt brakes the engine can’t run.

Timing belt or cambelts as they are also known by are recommended by some manufacture to be changed every 60,000-100,000 miles, others recommend longer intervals. You should get you timing belt checked to ensure it is in good condition and prevent any expensive unexpected costs.

Having you timing belt change can seem like an expensive part of vehicle maintenance but the consequences and cost of not replacing your timing belt at the right time can be far more expensive.

Our highly skilled technicians have changed more timing belts that they would care to imagine so if you would like to check your timing belt or get a quote please contact any of our workshops.



We offer a full range of recovery and workshop services to vehicle owners located throughout the Highlands. All our services are performed by highly qualified and skilled members of staff. We can handle anything from a motorcycle recovery to a light commercial engine change. What ever you drive our staff will strive to get you back on the roads and home safely.


  • How often should I service my car?

    All makes and models have different service intervals they are put in place of modern vehicles by the manufactures for mileage intervals and a service light will usually indicate when your vehicle requires attention. If you are unsure on this, please contact one of our workshops for further assistance.

  • What lubricant levels should I check and how often?

    Common levels for people to check at home are Oil, Windscreen wash and water. Your oil levels should be checked at least once a month and before long journeys, same is to be said for windscreen wash and water/coolant levels should be checked twice a year once before summer and before winter. If you need more help, please contact one of our workshops.

  • When should I check my tyre pressures?

    It is recommended that you should check your tyre pressures once every couple of weeks because tyres can quickly become deflated if they are not checked regularly, and this can result in excessive or uneven wearing on the tyre tread, this can also affect vehicle road handling and fuel consumption. Our workshop staff are always on hand to help of you are unsure on what and how to do this.

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